Trailer script | Video game client

We were tasked by an international creative agency to write a trailer script for a mobile video game. The agency’s client — a large European publisher — was about to release the latest iteration of a multi-million selling franchise and needed help spreading the message that it would be moving away in style from its much-loved predecessors.

The agency had already put together a polished 90-second video and our task was to complement the visuals with appropriate dialogue. It was vital that we covered the aforementioned gameplay shift, while remaining true to the franchise’s well-established lore.

The two rounds of edits required by this project spanned more than six months. An unusually large period for this kind of job, this was mainly due to a number of changes being made to the game by its creators.

However, the final product was worth the wait. We’re proud of our part in the process. We nailed all the key requirements of the brief, producing a script that highlighted the key messages and matched the visuals perfectly.