eCommerce web copy | Fashion industry client

We successfully tendered for a role creating web copy for a well-known sports apparel and footwear manufacturer.

The project required us to write descriptions of varying lengths for the products sold on our client’s website, as well as wholesaler sites.

With sales copy, it’s always important to find the perfect balance between informativeness and conciseness. You need to hook the reader quickly, before something else occupies their attention (attention spans can be especially short on the web).

Our client had an established style guide and a very strict brief describing how this should be achieved. Some writers find it difficult to be creatively-constrained to such an extent, but we think detailed briefs have as many upsides as blue-sky ones.

A long-term project, this is still ongoing at the time of writing and we’re proud to be playing an important role in the sales strategy of such an historic brand. It’s the kind of job we were dreaming of when we first extended our focus from video games.