Blog posts and press release | Software client

We were asked by a Belgian middleware start-up to help them create some buzz for their latest product. They would require two blog posts and a press release and the project would have a short deadline — something we were used to after nine years of freelance writing!

This request had resulted from a word-of-mouth recommendation from another client. We’re proud of the fact that the vast majority of our customers come to us via this method, as we believe it’s the most positive form of feedback a business can receive.

This product launch was a vitally important milestone for our client so we wanted to make extra-sure we nailed the tone and terminology from the start. It goes without saying that this should always be the case, but for highly-technical products and concepts the research process becomes a lot more involved.

(Despite having spent a decade in a previous life writing for the video games industry, this area of the sector was still a bit of a mystery to us, so it was a fascinating journey of discovery.)

Given the short deadline, another potential barrier was the fact that our clients only spoke English as a second-language. Simple miscommunication can slow the approval process with briefs containing confusing instructions and solid concepts being discounted due to misinterpretations.

However, as with the vast majority of our jobs for overseas clients, this project went without a hitch. A rock-solid feedback process from the studio helped us find the perfect messaging for their requirements.

They have since returned, asking us to complete a similar project for their latest release.