Crowdfunding campaign pitch | Tech client

We were hired by a gaming peripherals manufacturer to produce a crowdfunding pitch for their groundbreaking PC gamepad.

Before discussing this project, crowdsourcing activities hadn’t been an area we had considered in terms of employment opportunities. We soon realised just how much of a lack of imagination that was on our part!

After all, they’re basically a collection of small projects, all of which we already carry out with great success. Sales copy? Check! Instructional text? Yep. Video scripts? Uh huh. FAQs? Mmm. Employee bios? You bet!

What’s more, they come packaged with a crystal clear measure of success: an investment meter!

We relished the challenge of this project, confident that we could give our clients the best possible chance of hitting their lofty target. The combination of a strong first draft and some really clear feedback resulted in a pitch we’re still really proud of.

It goes without saying that the product itself has the most impact on the amount invested, but a good pitch certainly can’t do any harm. We’re particularly proud, then, that our clients hit their target with time to spare and their new gamepad went into production soon after.