Copy Republic is One!

With the birthday celebrations slowly fading into memory, Copy Republic marches confidently into its second year of business (avoiding the patch of ice which has yet to melt on the front path).

That’s right, believe it or not, it’s been over a year since I left EA’s (admittedly benevolent) Empire and turned my beloved Republic into a going concern — and I’m pleased to report that we’re experiencing more of the “go” and less of the “concern” with every passing day.

All revolutions are essentially leaps of faith and this one was no different. However those early mental images of me sprawled over a keyboard furiously typing “All work and no play makes John a dull boy” proved to be wide of the mark.

In fact, within a year of entering my brave new world, five of the biggest players in the video games industry have flown over to find out what the Republic can do for them.

To quote my Career Transition Advisor at Penna (a company I encourage you to consult if you’re thinking about a new direction): “Most freelancers would kill for your client list.”

So as I reinforce the defences at Copy Republic Towers, I’d like to take this opportunity to thank all of the fantastic people who have entrusted me with their precious marketing campaigns, manuals and more in the last year.

Without you guys, this whole venture would still be a pipe dream.