Grand Theft Halo

Is it just us or are video game advertising slogans and taglines becoming a bit, you know, samey?

We saw a TV advert yesterday for a game that shall remain nameless (just in case we know the marketer behind the campaign) and, from the audio alone, we could immediately tell it was a game ad.

It’s all about the structure of the slogan: a couple of two-word lines designed to capture the essence of the title.

You may well wonder what the problem is with employing such a well-used and historically-successful strategy. After all, aren’t catchy slogans the best way of grabbing the attention of viewers with short attention spans and a long list of potential purchases?

Well under normal circumstances we would wholeheartedly agree. However we believe that any such benefits are drastically reduced if there are countless other game ads doing the rounds using exactly the same strategy.

As we’ve intimated above, we know and love many of the marketers in the industry and have worked with a large number of the advertising agencies they call on.

However we’re also well-aware that gaming is an incestuous business. Employees constantly flit from one company to another, and this, in combination with the absence of a copywriter, may very well be the reason for the current preponderance of clone commercials.

Whatever the reason, we think it’s about time someone stood out from the crowd instead of following such a well-trodden marketing path.

The citizens of Copy Republic will be sitting in front of their screens, eagerly anticipating the next “killer ad” (well, it beats watching Big Brother!).