Game Writing Projects: Digital Instruction

With the slow death of the physical instruction booklet over the last few years, in-game guidance has risen to satisfy game makers’ explanatory requirements.

Experimenting with combinations of in-game tutorials and digital manuals, studios and publishers have been searching for an instructional strategy that arms readers with sufficient gameplay knowledge while keeping development costs at a minimum.

During my eight years at Electronic Arts, I was involved in the initial research that would hasten this era of digital instruction. But while that exploration played its part in the ultimate demise of the physical manual, it also made it abundantly clear that there was an ongoing desire amongst gamers for easy-to-access reference material and advanced gameplay guidance.

With digital manuals suffering from accessibility issues and in-game tutorials often ignoring advanced instruction, it’s vital that the correct combination of these two approaches is used. It’s also advantageous to be able to call on an industry professional who has been producing clear and concise gameplay guidance for over 15 years.

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