Game Writing Projects: Instruction Manuals

The creation of the humble instruction booklet was once a core discipline for writers entering the video game industry. Prior to 2000, manuals of over 64 pages were commonplace, depending on the genre.

However with the ceaseless advances of the Internet, increasing flexibility of game software and prevailing desire of studios and publishers to reduce their packaged goods overheads, they were slowly reduced in size and, in many cases, phased out completely.

Despite the oft-quoted observation that “nobody reads the manual” some studios still fight against its annihilation, believing that a physical guide adds value to their products, both to explain features that might not otherwise be evident to impatient gamers and as a tangible marketing tool.

Few would argue that games like the mighty Grand Theft Auto would be better off without its accompanying bumf.

Regardless, modern game instruction has largely migrated onto the internet and into the games themselves, consigning the feel (and smell!) of the trusty game instruction booklet to the recycling bin of history.

For those still sponsoring their use, we salute you — and offer you our unparalleled experience.

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