Game Writing Projects: Pack Copy

Like instruction booklets, the fate of BOP (back of pack) or BOB (back of box) copy — the terms are used interchangeably by individuals and publishers throughout the industry — is intrinsically linked to the shelf life of packaged goods. However, like manual content, the copy included in back of pack text will always exist in one form or another.

Exhibiting greater longevity than its in-box brother, pack copy will only be fully phased out when digital content is able to be downloaded quickly and painlessly by the vast majority of gamers — a scenario that is becoming more of a reality with every passing year.

Depending on the design, pack copy can incorporate an introduction paragraph, screenshot captions and bullet text covering the main features. Briefs can also include a request to devise the game’s tagline — a task with which we have traditionally assisted our clients.

The game descriptions employed to sell online and downloadable digital content borrows from exactly the same source as pack copy. However, without the physical constraints associated with a game case, the results can be much more aesthetically elaborate.

Whether you’re a startup or a global publisher, and whether you’re employing packaged goods, downloadable or online distribution methods, we can offer you 15 years of expertise in producing copy that sells video games.

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